Sesame Oil

  • High in antioxidants. Sesame oil contains sesamol and sesaminol, two antioxidants that may have powerful effects on your health ( 2 ). …
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties. …
  • Good for your heart.
  • Help control blood sugar.
  • Help treat arthritis.
  • Help heal wounds and burns.
  • Protect against UV rays.


Sesame oil is a consumable vegetable oil got from sesame seeds. Other than being utilized as a cooking oil, it is utilized as a flavor enhancer in numerous foods, having an unmistakable nutty fragrance and taste. The oil is one of the soonest known yield based oils. It is made out of the accompanying unsaturated fats: linoleic corrosive (41% of aggregate), oleic corrosive (39%), palmitic corrosive (8%), stearic corrosive (5%) and others in limited quantities.

All the oils at Vaidica Naturals are extracted using traditional Kolhu(Wood- Pressed) preventing any heat generation in the process.
The seeds are hand-picked and crushed in Wooden Kolhu and after extraction, the oil is kept in Sunlight for 5-7 days for the sediments to get settled.
After settling sediments we transport this oil to our Godowns and get it packed.

Free of chemicals and artificial preservatives,
Vaidica’s Oil comes with amazing taste and flavor. We have extracted this exquisite oil by using ancient wood-pressed technology. As no heating procedure is carried out, all nutrient contents are intact.
Better and Healthier substitute for refined oil as no chemicals and preservatives are used.

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