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Black Mustard Oil 500ML


All the oils at Vaidica Naturals are extracted using traditional Kolhu(Wood- Pressed) preventing any heat generation in the process.
The seeds are hand-picked and crushed in Wooden Kolhu and after extraction, the oil is kept in Sunlight for 5-7 days for the sediments to get settled.
After settling sediments we transport this oil to our Godowns and get it packed.

Free of chemicals and artificial preservatives,
Vaidica’s Oil comes with amazing taste and flavor. We have extracted this exquisite oil by using ancient wood-pressed technology. As no heating procedure is carried out, all nutrient contents are intact.
Better and Healthier substitute for refined oil as no chemicals and preservatives are used.

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Mustard Oil is better than any other Cooking Oil as this Lowers Bad Cholestrol & Keeps Coronary diseases away. Increases Immunity to Diseases. It is Anti-fungal when used externally, Fights Bacterial infections in Colon, Intestines and Digestive Tract. High source of Vitamin-E thus excellent for Skin Glow, for Reducing Wrinkles, for Increasing Blood Circulation and Reducing Hair fall.

  • Block microbial growth.
  • Promote skin and hair health.
  • Alleviate pain.
  • Slow cancer cell growth.
  • Support heart health.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Help treat cold symptoms.
  • High smoke point

When your mustard cooking oil is free of any preservatives and chemicals, it can protect you from internal microbial growth, cold and flu and promote skin and hair health. Our cold-pressed mustard oil is a product of hard toil and care for our planet and community. Give it a try.


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